Freedom - Jonathan Franzen I think I'm probably supposed to like this book. It's "real" and a lot of it is geographicall based in areas I actually know (which was intriguing at first). Unfortunately, I found it to be pretty much a yawn. Not so bad that I couldn't keep reading it (hence two stars instead of one), but definitely not a book that I couldn't wait to get back to. I found pretty much all of the characters unpleasant and unrelatable -- Patty is incredibly selfish, Walter is a pushover, Richard is a narcisisst, Connie is appallingly damaged, Joey is totally screwed up and Jenna was a complete bitch. The relationship between Connie and Joey -- from beginning to end -- was particularly distasteful to me. The only people I kind of liked were Jonathan and Jessica and that's probably because almost none of the story was about either of them. There have been several instances where I'm able to enjoy the story and the plot, even if the characters aren't likable. This was not one of those times. If nothing else, I realize that even though my family is dysfunctional like most familie are (which I knew before reading this book), at least we're not as screwed up as this family is.

Oh yeah, and P.S., too much politics for me.