Everneath 1 - Brodi' 'Ashton 3.5 Stars
I'm torn about this book. It was a super fast read, easy to fall into and follow, likable characters, neat concept ... but it was all too ... I don't know ... cliche, somehow. Damaged girl (doesn't realize how beautiful she really is). Dark and brooding bad boy (who always wears black). Super nice good boy (quarterback of the football team and should never look twice at our plain jane protagonist). Steady best friend. Bitchy blonde mean girl. I mean, come on.
I was hoping for a lot more mythological tie-ins throughout the story, and while it did become prevalent in the latter part of the book, it was kind of too little too late for me to round this up to a 4 star rating. However, it was enough for me to want to pick up the next book, [b:Everbound|13115995|Everbound (Everneath, #2)|Brodi Ashton|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1359138201s/13115995.jpg|18289996].

One thing I did really like was Nikki's father and brother. The dynamic there felt real and I was pleasantly surprised to see it included in the storyline as much as it was. I was sad, though, that while Nikki seemed to come to an understanding and get some closure with her Dad, the little brother was left hanging.

One thing that I absolutely HATED was how often Nikki blushed. Seriously? What year is it anyway? Hopefully she grows out of that annoying habit in the next book.